Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sauce for the Gander

So Hazel "Iain's chipmunk" Blears thinks that Woss and Brand should pay the BBC's Ofcom fine? Well, if that was what Ofcom intended, I think they would have fined the presenters for their comments rather than the BBC for their systematic failures of duty as a responsible broadcaster. But enough of that (especially as I don't think Ofcom currently have that power and giving more powers to quangos is not a good thing.)

I wonder how much of the DCLG's £230 million fine she will offer to pay? Or how much she suggest Hillary Benn will pay of DEFRA's £75 million fine? (Something from Tim on the subject of fining Government.)

Or do we have yet another lawyer publicly proposing one law (sentence handed down by the "court of public opinion" of course), for relatively harmless entertainment personalities and another for nu-Labour apparatchiks? I'll let you guess!

Can't she be struck off, together with the odious Harperson? Or are the "Solicitors (sic) Regulation Authority" a bunch of lickspittle toadies? I'll let you guess that one too.
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