Friday, August 25, 2017

Unsympathetic Advertising

Via Farnsworth M Muldoon on David Thompson's site, I was alerted to this entertaining piece of karma. I explored further to some of the mashups on the Daily Wire. But what finally made it for me was the advert presented at the bottom. Ouch ...

Friday, August 11, 2017

It's not real socialism ...

According to Craig Murray, who seems to have gone completely off the deep end since I last read any of his stuff.

Apparently, Venezuela, even though they call it 'Bolivarian Socialism' themselves, is apparently 'revolutionary millenarianism'.

As in:
The problem with revolutionary millenarianism is that its failure to achieve utopia is viewed as disaster by its proponents.

Personally, I think the population of Venezuela are possibly less concerned about the lack of utopia than they are about the lack of food, medicine and even toilet paper. But then Craig has pretty much always been one of the nomenklatura. They seem to survive regardless.

I would note that I agree with him entirely that Venezuela is more of a functioning democracy that Saudi Arabia, which is a non-constitutional monarchy and makes no claims to democracy, functional or otherwise. Yet, broadly, manages to feed its people. And on the few occasions I have visited, didn't seem to have a grotesque toilet paper shortage.
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