Friday, August 10, 2012

Is there an Olympics Irony medal?

Well, an un-named American is the surprise winner.

Catherine Mayer, Europe editor, wrote: “My colleagues, over from the United States to cover the Games, are puzzled. “And they call Americans jingoistic and sentimental? U.S. journalists would never openly root for the home team,” said one.” 

This is, of course, because American journalism habitually refuses to recognise anything outside of its home state, never mind the USA. So, hence, at anything barring un-natural pinko sports such as"wiff-waff", the USA will naturally be the winners. No rooting required.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Although I understand why ...

This rather disheartens me.

Although this:

Families of the Argentinian war dead sent letters to Argentinian foreign minister H├ęctor Timerman and Britain's ambassador in Buenos Aires, John Freeman, demanding an urgent and exhaustive investigation.

is indicative of the problem. The people the Argentinians should be addressing are the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly. Not us.

Edited to add: although the thing I really want to see in that cemetary (as per this earlier post) is the graves identified. "An Argentinian soldier known only unto God" is hardly satisfactory in the days of DNA testing. Although, like so much of this issue, any resolution requires the Argentinian givernment to stop acting like hyper-active toddlers.
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