Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Prepostorous Mrs Sturgeon

Well, we knew that the Scottish independence whatever was going to be a row not a debate, didn't we?

You've got the hated evil political oppressors on one side and a bunch of small-minded bigots on the other1. So it was never going to be clean, never mind polite.

So, what have we here? Well, it seems that one Unionist2 politician was asked if rUK would continue to subsidise the iScottish dream of manufacturing supremacy by wasting tax-payers money in Glasgow. To which the cynically correct answer was "we'll have our own marginal constituencies to patronise"3. As you'd expect.

But, this is unthinkable to the Deputy First Minister. Which shows, I suppose, how little thought is woven in to the dreams (and bile) of the SNP.

1. Well, you either have the trad SNP / Mel Gibson narrative or you look at Blair / Brown / Darling / Reid etc and the BNP / EDL.

2. Of course, being a LibDem, it's the EU not the UK.

3. Of course, being a politician, he didn't put it quite as plainly :)
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