Monday, October 22, 2012

When reality is weirder than fiction.

I have no mileage in whether or not the ex-Chief Whip called a couple of coppers "plebs" or whether, if he did indeed do it, he should have resigned.

 But this is insane:

There's a Japanese film, I think it's called Rashomon, in which different participants who see the same event all have different recollections of it. I wasn't there. I trust Andrew, and I'm always inclined to give him the benefit of any doubt.

Many of the films I watch have little bearing on reality - I wouldn't use them to try and make logical sense of an in-real-life conundrum (that way lies a Media Studies degree ...) Now, eyewitness (Ed notes: earwitness, surely?) testimony is notoriously inaccurate but, what is alleged here is a fairly basic and fundamental difference*.

Anyway ... Grump over. This, also from Gove, is much more sensible:

All of us, from time to time will have moments of exasperation. I think it's probably better you know to swear at the TV or the radio at home rather than at a flesh and blood individual whose job it is to protect you.

* It is entirely possible that the disputed words were said and that Mitchell honestly has no recollection of saying them.

Monday, October 08, 2012

It really doesn't help ...

I honestly believe that the USA would be more likely to improve (or to improve faster) with Romney at the helm (despite his weird religion) than with Obama at the helm (despite his weird religion - although he has denounced that particular pastor.)

However, the Republican Party is quite clearly full of nutcases. And, in far too many cases, seems to want them to become elected.

Congressman Paul Broun - who can't be a complete idiot as he managed to acquire an MD before he became a professional parasite - doesn't believe in:
  • Evolution
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Embryology (seriously? I hope none of his female patients every got pregnant.)
He, or his team, also don't understand "off the record". Seriously, can the Democrats not find anybody more electable than this?

Update: Chuckle-a-duck on the same subject.
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