Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's happening again ...

Oh god, I hope it isn't. I hope this is just an early April Fool.

We should be so lucky - we have seen the statist tendencies of the bunch of mendacious fools currently pretending to be our government - this is just the sort of cretinous idea they would come up with. I particularly like the "Citizens' Panels" - what bets these will be paid and stuffed with the "friends and relations" of the aforementioned fools.

Okay, so what's wrong with it? Well, it is probably illegal (but then they don't bother with the Freedom of Information Act, so why would they bother with the Data Protection Act); there is no way that it is going to work - government projects of this size so rarely do; and it is bound to make EDS (or somebody similar, the precise bunch of profiteers doesn't really matter, I just picked the most egregious lot) far too much money for producing ineffective crud (as an aside, what exactly do you think effective crud would do? Office of the Deputy Prime Minister?)

Oh sorry, the swearing: this is the most fucking stupid idea I have heard this (admittedly fairly new) year and the cretin who thought this up should be lowered ...

Actually, I can't think of anything quite bad enough - they are probably quite likely either to get a life peerage (if in the civil service, or private sector) or be made Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (if an elected criminal). Frankly, the latter could certainly be considered a punishment but I think we should just cut our losses and go for humane termination. Given the current sucking up to the jihadist tendency, we could always build a new wall on Abingdon Street Gardens and invite members of the public to push it over on them. Not that that is humane, of course, in the Western post-Reformation tradition, but then I am probably inciting religious hatred by the mere suggestion.

Oh fuck, that ruined my Sunday morning.


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