Thursday, February 14, 2008

Startling Investigative Journalism

From the front page of today's Guardian, Polly Curtis not La Toynbee:
Tuition fees favour the rich - new study

Children from poor familes say fear of debt deterred them from university.

I mean, it is not as if it is basic economics, is it? You make something more expensive and it means that it is more difficult for poor people to afford it? What next?
Ferrari and Aston Martin accused of discrimination against unemployed petrol heads. "I just can't afford a new Fiorano on my dole", says Sid, 23, from Harlow, "even if I can persuade them to give me Incapacity Benefit!"

Top Chefs reject feeding the poor! One arrogantly told your reporter, "If they can only afford £3 for a meal, there's a MacDonald's round the corner." We interviewed one diner, A*** R********r, a modest and unassuming man just leaving, who said "Yes, £10 for a bottle of mineral water to start with, what an extravagance, never mind the couple of bottles of 1990 Premiers grands crus class├ęs with the entrees. Luckily, I'm on expenses."

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