Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stat Pin Ups

While the big boys of the (UK political) blogosphere whip each other senseless in a Mosely-esque frenzy (but without the dungeon, call girls or Nazi uniforms): here, here (and here, here & here, Ed notes: but let's not call Tim 'obsessive', instead we'll just point out that he might need a cause or two to take his mind off of the fags)here, here and here (with a very good analogy between website stats and the wholly fallacious 'JustForeignPolicy' extrapolation of the decidedly dodgy Lancet "Iraq Casualties guesstimate), I thought I would trivialise the situation and update you on my minnow's experience of 'Hello Kitty Hell'.

MonthHello KittyArchive (HK)Front PageArticles > 1%
Apr (to date)36%41%10%1 (old!)

Oh when will it end!

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