Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Election: Another Quiz

Not, of course, that it matters but I have just taken the "Who Should You Vote For" quiz (note that this is an England version - and it doesn't reference the BNP).

The results are fairly unsurprising:

Liberal Democrat22
UK Independence13
You expected: CON
Your recommendation: Conservative

I didn't, of course, for the entirely sound reason of that huge, huge "No, not Labour" thing.

Oh, found a Scotland version:

Liberal Democrat24
UK Independence9
Scottish National Party-15

See, I needed a really strong clothes-peg when I filled that postal ballot in ...

Note that the Scotland one is biased because I am a Unionist - I would note that I would rather see a Federal Britain or a broken Union than the country completely ruined ... Also, the results are slightly biased by me leaving neutral the question "The next Prime Minister should have experience of senior government office." If I change that to the "Anybody but Gordon" radio button, I get:

Liberal Democrat30
UK Independence15
Scottish National Party-21

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