Thursday, September 02, 2010

Votematch - Labour Leadership

Okay, so I played. And what a surprise I got:

Balls: 62%
Millielder: 58%
Milliyounger: 46%
Token Commie: 38%

So I went to check.

I agree with Bollocks on:
  • No law limiting highest salary to 20x lowest (clearly, utter statist bollocks and not even Ben and Jerry's could make it work)
  • Private companies within the NHS allowed to make profit (err, yes, that's the whole point of the 'private companies' bit - if you don't want a profit motive, keep it internal ...)
  • Tuition Fees tbrb "Graduate Tax" - although I don't feel particularly strongly about this one.
  • Academy schools - yes, bin them - stop ragging on public schools charitable status and bring back the 'Assisted Places Scheme'.
  • FCO should promote British Business - yes, after promoting British government policy and the British public interest, that's what they should be doing (Consular Services being a different arm.)
  • Third runway at Heathrow - yup - the market wants it. If the market can provide it ...
  • Nuclear power - duh.
  • Labour should have said what they were going to cut in their general election campaign.
  • No tax relief on donations to political parties.
Okay - so that's 9 out of 21 - and, looking at them, I don't feel too dirty. So, what did I agree with Diane Abbot on?
  • Tax credits too bureaucratic.
  • Approval of drugs wholly free from government interference.
  • Academy schools (yes, although she wouldn't like my alternatives!)
  • 28 days detention without charge
  • Low earners out of tax (a UKIP, Libertarian and Liberal policy, now being implemented!)
  • Alternative cuts
Nope, still don't feel sullied by the reeking slime of socialism ...

And interesting to add that the only points of mutual agreement (as far as this fairly trivial survey is concerned) between me, Balls and "Token Black Female" are academy schools (where we actually fundamentally disagree) and the massive public distrust over what a 2010-elected Labour administration would have cut. That, is quite heartening.

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