Friday, March 02, 2012

Dear Argentina

My dearest Christina,

While we understand the depth of feeling in your country about the status of the Falkland Islands, and your need to distract your population from your (and your husband's) appalling economic record, we do think that you might have gone a little to far, or as the youth say "might have jumped the shark", with your recent suggestion that Argentina take over the civilian airbridge to the islands.

May I remind you that you are currently attempting to enforce a de facto blockade of the Islands and are attempting to start a trade war?

And you want us to give you control over the flights in to and out? Because we know that it isn't commercial viable for there to be two airlines. Simply not enough people.

Do you think we are fucking nuts?

Yours sincerely,


PS and BTW, we recognise all the participants as veterans. Yet you don't. If I may quote:

They say that back on the mainland their worst enemies were not the British, but their own superior officers.  They starved, humiliated, and even tortured their charges.  One common form of punishment involved tying a naked soldier to stakes on the ground and leaving him at the mercy of the Patagonian cold for days.

Sort your own camp out before whining about us.


Ely said...

Hi there, I'm from Arg and after reading this I just wanted to let you know that not all of us support this... mmh how can I say it... mmh... Kirchnerist bullshit.

Cristina KNOWS she's not getting any closer to claim the sovereignty over the islands, she just wants to use the Malvinas/Falklands factor to rise her popularity when the tide is turning against her, and I'm not talking about the economic crisis that you mention (although it is true), I'm talking about crime, inflation etc. And of course, to cover for a train accident we had a couple of months ago that took the lives of 51 people. "let's do a blockade! let's talk a LOT about Malvinas Argentinas so people won't notice all the shit I do, yeyyyys! =D"
And you know who also used the islands as a way to increase their popularity? Galtieri! the bastard that killed and tortured thousands of argentineans. I think we have a LOT of bigger problems than the islands which, basically, don't represent an actual problem. Dunno, maybe we could be taking better care of our veterans who have spent the last 30 years neglected by our governments and SOCIETY (yes, the same society who's SO patriotic and sensitive over the islands)
All this hypocrisy makes me sick, really, and unfortunately there's a lot of uninformed and uneducated opinions out here so these kinda schemes usually work.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Don't worry, I'd be almost as crazy as Christina to tar you all with the same brush she's busy tarring herself with. And, err, yes. Like the rest of us, you've got bigger problems - economic and social - to sort out than a couple of thousand people on 600 more or less barren rocks in the South Atlantic. But it isn't just her being a prat about them - Brits can manage it too.

I'd love to see the Argentinian flag flying alongside the Union Flag at the Darwin war cemetary (just as the Union Flag flies along host nation flags in various British war cemetaries.) But that would take an Argentinian government to be a bit adult about it and recognise the Falklands as legitimately self-governed. Can't see that happening (also, the Kelpers might not be as forgiving as me.)

I'd really love to see fewer "Unknown Argentinian Soldier" graves. Especially as the dependents would then get their pensions. But that would take an Argentinian government ...

Ely said...

I agree with you, the unknown soldier graves break my heart, specially when I think they could belong to any of those 18-20 yrs old kids the military junta sent to their untimely deaths. I have a lot of respect for everyone that fought and lost their lives there. Argentinian or British. And I would love to see the Argentinean flag alongside the union flag just like you say but
I seriously doubt the Islanders would be too happy about it (and it's not that hard to understand why). However I don't lose hope that someday governments (specially ours) will be more tolerant and open to dialogue and the three parties will reach a better understanding.
I guess the important part is that regardless of what our governments do, we normal people can still discern what's good from what's utter political nonsense. Fortunately I have come to discuss this issue with people with different points of view(British friends, British ex, their families, Arg. veterans) to be open minded. What Cristina does is not patriotic but just childish, and yes, she should leave the Kelpers alone. The best way to remember the fallen would be to understand that hostility has never led to anything good for anyone.

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