Sunday, April 29, 2012

Et tu, Brute?

Speaking personally, Cardinal O'Brien, I consider that the Catholic church's positions on:
  • contraception,
  • AIDS,
  • women priests,
  • gay marriage,
  • and, most of all, its complicity* in paedophile rape,
are utterly shameful and far, far worse** for the world than the entirely economically rational decision not to support an FTT. Hell, if you want to criticise the Cleggalition, there are plenty of wide open targets. Why pick the one thing they are clearly correct about?

* Not reporting, moving of paedophiles to other locations where they would still have ready access to victims, etc, etc.

** Okay, maybe not women priests. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with them (yes, they do tend to be a bunch of screaming mad harridans but that's no different from the blokes) but they've not yet made their mark on the world stage.

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Matthew L said...

Hear hear!

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