Thursday, November 15, 2012

Savita Halappanavar

I'm trying to get my head around the wrongs and wrongs of this but you know it is bog-trotter Dark Ages Ireland when some fuckwit brings 1000 year old history in as relevant ...

We had an expression "more Irish than the Irish themselves" in relation to the Anglo Lords that came over with Strongbow and shortly after 1169 turning into French speaking, more mannered versions of the Gaelic lords they supplanted and inter-married with.

FFS, guys. A woman is dead who shouldn't have died. If you are sane and regardless of your opinion on abortion, she should have been medically assisted to remove the dying baby. The rest of it is just irrelevant noise.

I'm ashamed - not to be Irish, 'cause I'm not - but to be a member of a race where some people think that given a choice between a dead baby (bad thing) and a dead baby and a dead mother (obviously and trivially worse thing) that there are some people who think that prefering the former, given the choice between the two, is wrong.

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alternative investment said...

Well put mate. If I was Indian, I'd be well out ripshit pissed off with the Irish.

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