Friday, May 03, 2013

Things that do not surprise me: Sunny Hundal gets it wrong


Its American edition this week illustrates the Boston bombers.

Note their skin tone: it isn’t white. They look brown, even though US authorities describe them as white.

Sighs, theatrically.

Okay. In USA terms they are 'white'. That is that they are not Black, Hispanic, Asian or, since 9/11, Arab.

Of course, they are Caucasian. Hell, part of the Caucasus Range is in Chechnya. But, then, not all Caucasians are white. See Spain, Italy, Portugal (hell, anywhere there is a bit more sun than the UK).

And, of course, Sunny's own post shows their photos. The elder brother clearly has a bit of tone to his skin and even the younger brother, photographed in front of a white backdrop, which bleaches anybody out, is clearly several tones more tanned than the Nordic 'paler shade of white', never mind the traditional Jockanese blue.

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