Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yet another political quiz

H/t to Tom, we have the self-proclaimed "World's Smallest Political Quiz". Very, very Yanked up, of course. No subtlety at all*.

Still, I took it:

Makes me look like a bit of a lefty before you understand their visually skewed (deliberate or incompetent? I haven't a clue) presentation. And, of course, noting the gratuitous abuse of the word "Liberal" that is so common amongst septics (and the cheating, lying, philandering, alcoholics that form the British so-called "Liberal" so-called "Democrats").

How about any of my reader's multiple personality issues give it a try?

* Well, what would you expect from an organisation with the tag-line "Planting the Seeds of Liberty"? Noting, of course, from French and Russian experience (as well as many others), that the seeds of liberty have a tendency to grow flowers of blood.

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