Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Or not, as the case may be.

From that home of all things illiberal in the British lefty, the Guardian:

Under current recommendations, 150ml of freshly squeezed orange juice (sugar 13g), 30g dried figs (sugar 14g), 200ml of a smoothie made with fruit and fruit juice (sugar 23g) and 80g of canned fruit salad in fruit juice (sugar 10g) all count as the five portions of the 'five a day' and contain a total of some 60g of refined sugars," he* writes. "This is more than the sugar in a 500ml bottle of cola.
So, let's get this panic entirely straight, then. A fairly heftly sugared way of making up your five-per-day (not, of course, that the entirely invented "five a day" is sufficient, oh no!) makes up the same amount of sugar as what is basically a pint of Coke.

These peeps really need to let go of nanny's apron strings and live a bit.

* Simon Capewell, professor of public health and policy at Liverpool University

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