Sunday, December 25, 2016

The stupidest thing I've heard all year ...

And it has been an exemplar year for idiots and their utterances: 
Elf on the Shelf is easily the most violently dreadful thing to happen in 2016.
FFS. You've had Aleppo, a regular if discontinuous series of Islamist murders, Daesh / ISIS / who cares, Trump, anti-Trump riots and Jessica effing-Valenti,  and people are worried about a bloody doll?

Well, okay, not "people". Guardian commentators**. If I got an invite to their New Year bash, and unlikely amounts of weaponry*, there might just be a violently beautiful thing happening on the cusp between 2016 and 2017.

* Well, and a morality bypass. Which sufficient gin might just enable.

** Who can't use Amazon. Apparently EoS costs £31.95. Without looking hard, I can get that down to £4.44. Which takes it from the "this seems unreasonably expensive" to "the sort of cheap tat that kids can be bought without thinking about it too much***."

*** From an unreasonably okay-ish professional pov. I appreciate that four quid is quite a lot of money for some people. 2/3rds of a bottle of Buckie, for a start.

Notes: Mind you, he's not the only one who doesn't like EoS:

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