Sunday, March 19, 2017

Light slowly dawns?

Well, it is almost the equinox :)

Something has obviously been added to the water* at the SNP Conference:

He said: “There’s obviously a very sophisticated intelligence network that exists currently as part of the UK and it would make no sense to tear all that down. Once Scotland is an independent country we are going to cooperate extremely closely with our immediate neighbour.

Well, replace "intelligence" with "economic" and that's the whole SNP ideology (except the "evil English oppressing us whenever we couldn't find any Scots or French to do it) down the loo with the rest of the excretia.

As a note, why should RUK co-operate with an untrustworthy socialist pro-EU neighbour? "5 and one squinty one Eyes"?

* It's Trump, that evil SNP appointed Ambassador for Scotland, in control of MI6, I tell you.

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Bloke in a North Dorset said...

Mrs BiND likes to watch Madam Secretary. It's reasonable brain dead viewing if you suspend reality, but in the latest episode it jumped the shark. In a dispute with the French Madam Secretary offered them full 5-Eyes status.

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