Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nor is this (a free market)

Well, this is somewhat of a surprise. I wonder what their target would have been for pro-Hamas Guardian readers? They're bound to have met that one.

Just to give you an idea of the bias this target sets, the latest statistics from NOMIS from the government "annual population survey" to June 2006, give the %age of the UK working age population who are categorised as non-white as 10.2% (3.4% UK born, 6.8% not). If you take the stats for the whole population, this changes slightly to 9.9% (4.6% and 5.3%). So, for the British Broadcasting Corporation, this would count as 11.5% over-representation at target (although admittedly 31.4% under-represented at senior management levels), assuming that it is reasonable to equate the Beeb's "black and minority ethnic" with the ONS's "non-white".


PS: I appreciate that we are actually talking about the London Broadcasting Corporation, so I got those stats too ... 33.9% non-white (of those an amazing 23.5%, talking working age here, being non-UK born). That then makes it look like a pretty easy target, assuming you agree that such targets, as opposed to fairness in recruit selection, are a good thing. I don't.

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