Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Far, Far Too Slow

On the face of it, this might be considered to be good news:

Some 2,000 Iraqis may be flown to Britain from next month to start a new life under a £25m government programme.

Interpreters and other staff who have worked for the UK government are being offered a one-off payment or the chance to settle in the UK with their family.

About 50 Iraqis, many of whom fear for their lives in their homeland, are due to arrive on the first flight in April.

The Home Office said they would spend two days in Slough, Berkshire, before being resettled outside the south-east.

However, this shows the real state of affairs:

A Home Office spokesman said it was still at the very early stages of assessing eligibility but suggested the number of Iraqis given indefinite leave to stay in the UK could be up to 2,000.

So far, of the 46 cases that have been fully processed, nine expressed an interest in applying for indefinite leave to remain, while 37 opted for the financial package, he added.

Forty-six cases processed. While people are dying. No wonder 80% of them don't trust our government enough to come to stay here.

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