Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of the few remaining pleasures of being a liberal in these benighted and oppressive times is Trot-watching. Just when you are so depressed that you are actively looking at the Canadian and Kiwi immigration websites, along comes a smidgen of Trot infighting to brighten your day. Not quite as beautiful as the Monty Python parody but ...

I give you, George Monbiot:

Who, in the age of the one-penny ticket, is being prevented from flying? It's not because they can't afford the flights that the poor fly less than the rich; it's because they can't afford the second homes in Tuscany, the skiing holidays at Klosters or the scuba diving in the Bahamas. British people already fly twice as much as citizens of the United States, and one fifth of the world's flights use the UK's airports.

I wonder who he can be talking about?

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