Sunday, July 05, 2009

Little comment on a non-story

If (c)rap artistes can call themselves 'nigga', why can't a Nigerian company (that would be full of real Africans not 'African Americans') call a JV 'Nigaz'?

Are Americans of not-quite-recent African origin ('cauz homies, we're all Afro if you have long enough sight) really so special / delicate / in need of cosseting?

I will wish you good-night with a couple of links: here and here and the last word from the Ministry for the Eradication of Commonsense:


1. The spelling, pronounciation, meaning and usage of the word has been changed to convey a sense of pride and defiance, thereby removing the racial distinctness of the original term. Although similar in spelling and pronounciation to the original, its meaning is completely different. The word "nigga", when used between close friends, is as positive as the word "nigger" is negative. In general, whites should avoid use of the term, even in a positive sense, unless they are absolutely certain it will not be taken as derogatory.

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