Monday, November 23, 2009

Climate Change & 'Hackers' - Wow!

Oh, I've been pretty much without internet all weekend and dependant on the newspapers for information. And I got up rather late today, so didn't read the blogs until after work. And there was nothing obvious on the BBC*,.

That'll teach me.

Just go here or here (which you'll have already read anyway, yes?) and ignore me.

This is probably the biggest story both in real-world international impact (unless Obama has nuked Russia and I simply haven't noticed being too busy working) and, assuming the hacking innuendo is true, information security terms ever.

* Yes, okay, there is a "UK climate unit's e-mails hacked " story - not a "hacked emails may show all global warming is complete bollocks" story. And the top environmental stories in presentation are from the classic BBC mould:

  • East Antarctica 'is losing ice'
  • State leaders boost to Copenhagen
  • Carbon credit: Are children's futures going up in smoke?
  • Earth Watch: Korean model for Obama as Copenhagen looms
As well as the complete non-story "Giraffes use 'supercharged' heart". Err, "duh"!

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