Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surely not even "Wee Eck"?

Could be that daft? This must be simple insanity or a throwaway political jibe from Peter Hitchens (I'm not a common enough reader of his column or, frankly, his paper to have a prejudged opinon):
Paradoxically, Scotland might bring Berlin time to England – by negotiating its own Scottish time zone north of the border. 

Surely anybody who has paid any attention to the debate that there is a strong even-causal link, not just correlational, between how far north you live in the country and your opinions on whether we should adopt Central European Time. Heathen southerners, like Rebecca Harris MP (51.5°N) who sponsored the Private Members' Bill (and clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word "conservative") are significantly for, as opposed to, for example, Dr Elidh Whiteford MP (57.5°N),against. Although a special note of thanks must go to Christopher Chope OBE MP (at a mere 50.7°N), no matter the reasons for or the substance of his objections.

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