Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mild Digression

Why is the Red / Blue political labelling opposite in the US compared to the UK. Red = Republicans & Labour; Blue = Tories and Democrats.

Now, I know that it can trivially be suggested that the Cameroonies are to the left of the Dems on a large chunk of political real estate and that Bliar was so far up Shrub's butt that when he was needed for "Peace in Our Time", the smirking chimp needed surgery to have him removed ...

Still, the labelling predates our current bunches of wasters so, why?



doctorvee said...

"the labelling predates our current bunches of wasters so, why?"

Does it? I am sure I read somewhere that only since the 2000 election has there been a consensus that Republicans = red and Democrats = blue. Before that, apparently, which party was red or blue depended on which TV station you watched or newspaper you read.

Surreptitious Evil said...


Wikipedia says you're right-ish (not that it is exactly reliable but more so in this context than I am), which would make a degree of sense in the context of the 50's McCarthy / Hoover "Reds under the Bed" witch-hunts.

Lucky for my limited credibility that it wasn't a serious digression, then :)


CFD Ed said...

Why do Americans play rounders and call it baseball.
Why do they call a national championship a world series?
Why do they play rugby in body armour and call it football then call what everyone else knows as football soccer?
The mysteries of the universe…

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