Saturday, July 28, 2007

Society, clearly, is doomed

Goodness, a Lib-Dem councillor is "revealed" as a stripper and phone-sex operator. Better, I am sure, than being a pathetic work-shy imbecile (and far more use to, admittedly a limited portion of, society). So her colleagues quit. Apart from showing the depth of their loyalty to party and electorate, this is, as both Guido and the Reactionary Snob point out, hardly "liberal" of them.

Even the anti-porn extremists keep pointing out to us that it is all the fault of evil men, not of the women who perform the various roles in the spectrum from titillation to prostitution. However, that is entirely by the by, especially as nobody is (yet?) accusing Councillor Bushell of anything that may be considered on the louche side of legal. (Ed notes - I am sure YouTube may end up with some evidence on the matter, though - thinks "Stag Night" - that's "batchelor party" for those reading this in American.) And, it has to be said, a politician who actually works for a living is rare enough in these benighted isles that it should be encouraged. Small-business entrepreneur, and all that.

The question has to be asked, though - what vetting, exactly, did the Lib-Dems do? Did she submit a CV? Or, the link to her web-site?

  • We know what Zanu-Labour ask: "Are you an unprincipled bastard who can win us this seat? Oh, and do you have rich friends who can make a donation want a peerage can give us a loan?"
  • We know what the Tories ask: "Can you manage to lose this election in as embarrassing way as possible? Oh, and what house were you in at Eton?"
So, given that she was selected and elected, what did they ask her? At least one enquiring mind would really like to know. Was she recognised by one, some or all of the men (if there were any) on her interview panel? They clearly didn't admit it, possibly not even to themselves.


As an evil aside, are the MSM camped outside waiting to ask Councillor Bushell (Mel Loric, rather than Myrna Roseanne) his their opinion (Mel being one of those names) {see below} on the fuss?

Update: Thanks to Technorati ('cause I ain't going to read the tripe), I find this from the Daily Mail. Mel is a bloke and her husband (okay) but Myrna wasn't even a member of the Lib-Dims when she was elected (and may still not be). Farce ladled over farce.

Update 2: Hmm. What about Torridge District Council and their Lib-Dim Group? You'll notice that although the luscious Jessica aka Myrna is not part of this body, her three complainants still are. Bideford Town Council, although with its two wards - therefore not strictly a Parish Council, is closest to a Community Council oop-here, where overt party politics are strongly discouraged and strictly forbidden (and unremunerated, not even expenses.) They are, it has to be said, of none-too-much importance (due, almost entirely, to a lack of both spending power and administrative support. If you are only allowed to meet monthly, it is hard to respond collectively to planning applications within 14 days, to pick one example.) The District Council on the other hand, seems to be one of these them Unitary Authority things, with spending power, pay and endless opportunities for fanatical egotism. I wonder why Caroline, Tony and Simon haven't quit from here? Update 3, anyone?

Update 3: Okay. Tuppence ha'penny to them for consistency. Our three illiberal ex-liberals are now the "Group of Councillors that have not yet joined a Group" on Torridge Council. As this Council already has an "Independent Group" and "Non-Aligned Group", it seems to this simple soul that Devon has a veritable surfeit of people who just can't quite make up their minds.

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