Saturday, July 28, 2007

Poacher turned ... Convict

Oh, the delicious irony (and the delicious beer or many next time I meet up with Dr Blythe.) He already owed me, anyway. Hat-tip to Druss.

From the BBC:
A university tutor who taught students about computer security and identity theft has been jailed for two years for identity fraud offences.

Eni Oyegoke, 28, held classes at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd after getting the job using a false passport.

You can see Eni's staff page here, the university online version now being rather bare (or, possibly, a 404 by the time you see this), the picture clearly not being that of any Nigerian gentleman. I would also note that despite his claiming a CISSP, the ISC2 certificate verification page returns a null result for his surname.

So, clearly, even the best of us can be caught out. And Andy and Iain are very good, particularly with the ongoing annual investigation into data recovery from hard disks bought on eBay, which purports to be particularly juicily embarrassing this year.


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Fidothedog said...

It makes one wonder as to what sort of people are being employed for the ID cards, if a place of higher learning can be caught out like this.

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