Thursday, November 15, 2007

I can play too.

Having read this, I thought I would check, so some advice for those who got here via search engines:

  • for "camels arseblog", try here.
  • "can sms messages be used as evidence of court" - I will assume you meant "in court", as judges tend to exist independently of you, or I, having texts about them. So, "Yes", at least in the UK and other jurisdictions I have dealt with anyway, ymmv. Regardless, there are the usual restrictions on chain of evidence and there are, because SMS is not a synchronous comms mechanism, issues with using them to prove timelines.
  • "germanification of h" - were you looking for "ß"?
  • "jockstraps for protection" - yes. They finished as a fashion item at the back end of the 16th Century.
  • " phone" - no, not here. Here or you could email them.
  • "tesco jewish-in malaysia" - Well, I buy bacon at mine, so certainly not radical orthodox.
  • "828ee8abd01183fa0b43e5dab7796fd3" - I think you have quite specific needs that may be better catered for on Usenet.

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