Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Surprised or Shocked?

Mrs S-E dragged me away from the computer to read this in today's Scotsman. The mind truly boggles.

Now Scotland's 20,000 Orange Lodge members have been asked to name the superhero. He is appearing on the order's Christmas cards,dubbed "Santa's Little Helper", and features in children's pop-up books on the history of Orangeism. There are also plans to use him as a logo on pencils and erasers.

But I see a problem:

We face the same problems as any other youth organisations, such as the Boys' Brigade or the Scouts, in appealing to youngsters once they hit puberty.

I am sorry - I can't see how this:

is going to appeal to "post-pubescent" youth. Especially not when the standard of modern cartoons has been set by, for an example of interest to the post-pubescent, Angelina Jolie, in Beowulf, in 3D!

I also feel the need, despite it coming from the other side of the bigot divide, to point out that the battlecry "Paddy Power" may be seen as a breach of trademark.

Update - of course, that second pic was appropriate for male (or lesbian) youth. The young ladies (and any gay youth) can have a very-happy-it-was-a-cartoon Ray Winstone. I would also point out, to those of the non-heterosexual persuasion, that they may want to very carefully scout out the attitudes of their local Orange Order branch before thinking of joining. And then going elsewhere and doing something sensible.

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CFD Ed said...

You’ve been tangoed.

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