Thursday, June 05, 2008

Boggles, Mind, The

Now, as a libertarian, I am against state interference.  As a humanitarian, however, I realise that some "parental choices" are simply a guise for child cruelty. But, why, oh why:

They declared: "It is the National Tax Board's view that Elvis is a first name of a masculine type and as such may, in light of standard practice, be considered clearly inappropriate as a first name for a woman."

The unfortunate nipper's mother has vowed to battle on and to "continue calling her daughter Elvis whatever the eventual outcome" of an appeal.

The Local notes that another Swedish couple, who last year locked horns with the tax authority over their daughter's proposed name, eventually prevailed and will now have to answer to young Metallica when she's old enough to realise just how daft her mum and dad are.

is it the "National Tax Board" who have control over the naming of children?  I could understand it being the Registrar or the local mayor's office but the Infernal Revenue? Even in Polly's socialist utopia, young Elvis shouldn't need to pay tax for another 15 or so years!

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