Thursday, June 05, 2008

BT Phorm Trial Report Leaked

The report is available here and Alexander Hanff has an analysis up here.  I'm not sure the Security section (3.7) is adequate but this does seem to refer to a much older version of the malware.  Equally, as this is a 'Technical Validation', there is little treatment of the legal, regulatory or ethical issues which, it has to be frank, are the biggest problem with this appalling idea, although there is a minimal mention in Section 4 (Broadband Terms & Conditions).

I particularly like this apposite (we say 'security', we mean 'Revenue Share') typo from the "Success Criteria" section:

An interesting iota of excrement from the great { Phorm / Webwise / 1-2-1 Media / evil spyware b*stards } debacle.

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