Saturday, February 28, 2009

Imagine If

Just think about it:
  • Every time you turned on your oven, you were forced to listen to a 2 minute diatribe on the evils of fast food.
  • Every time anybody got on the bus, the driver was forced to remain stationary until there had been a 2 minute diatribe on the damage personal car ownership caused to the environment.
  • Every time you started to pour a glass of orange juice, you couldn't open the container until you had listened to a 2 minute diatribe on binge drinking.
Sensible?  I don't think so.

Then why, every time I start to play a DVD, am I forced to listen to a 2 minute diatribe about copyright infringement?

Utter fucking cunts, the lot of them.


Fidothedog said...

However if get a "knock off Nigel" from the magical internet you can skip the nannying lecture at the start.

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

The only real FACT is that when the FACT threats are playing (at my expense, on DVDs I've paid for, using my electricity, on my player, in my home) I use the "mute" button and turn my ample arse towards the screen. I've even trained the dog to do the same.

No, I wouldn't steal a car, no I wouldn't steal a handbag but, after having my character defamed and after being threatened with a million years in jail and a fine of nine trillion quid (or something) I would happily now steal a film. I'd encouraged other people to steal films. I'd steal films I had no intention of watching. I want to teach children how to steal films.

Apart from that the FACT threats on my DVDs have had no discernible effect on me and don't raise my blood pressure at all.

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean SE, after spending money an the fucking DVD in the first place why bother to give me a lecture on copyright fraud. Who is the main loser anyway? The distributor and the retailer.

It's not like Spielberg is sleeping rough or Di Caprio is wandering up and down Hollywood Boulevard begging money for a cup of tea.

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