Friday, February 27, 2009

To Sir Fred, A Modest Suggestion

Well, it has been an unpleasant week and a half for you.  The publication of what you thought was a private conversation, a stand-up row between you and politicians of all stripes.  And popularity has never been your strong point.

Well, please remember that the fundamental stripe of all politicians is a broad yellow one, straight down the scar where their backbones were removed before they first ran for election.

I would also like to remind you, although I doubt you need it, that the sum of the profits of RBS for the years you were CEO is still significantly positive.

Anyway, to the point.  Gordon Brown is clearly far more responsible for the mess the national and global economy is in than you are (even though he bears less direct responsibility for RBS).  You are, in no wise, a poor man and unlike our ungallant leader, have the skills and experience to earn more once the economy recovers.  You could make a lot of friends and influence by suggesting that you would forfeit, under the same terms and conditions, £2 of annual pension payment for every £1 similarly (if not identically) forfeited by the monocular clown.

That would put the ball straight back in their court.

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