Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cnut of the Day

It has to be, and I realise that the day is yet young, Bob Ainsworth MP, to our great misfortune, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, for his semi-literate and wholly pathetic performance on the Today programme.

Bob, for your enlightenment:

1. "Playing Politics" - was the GCF's announcing the troop reductions yesterday to shift the media focus away from the Tory conference. Imagine how Prescott you could have been if Dave had visited either Basra or Helmand last week whilst you were gathered together in brotherly socialist solidarity. Despite Dr Fox's quite justified complaint, I can assure you that the military expect no better from our political masters.

2. "Despicable" - that was the GCF announcing 500 new reductions and cutting in 500 already announced. Admittedly, he has been playing that game for so long, in his previous tenure as King of Stealth Taxation, that it is probably too worn a path for him to divert from but it is, using the hopes of the friends and families of those deployed as a political football, utterly despicable and you are my "Cnut of the Day" for trying to defend it.

By the way - play the ball not the man and Humphries (I think) and Fox were both right that this should have waited until the parliamentary speech next week. Gordo didn't need to say nothing, he needed just to have left the policy announcements until the proper time & location.

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