Tuesday, October 02, 2007

While I was away

Some obnoxious fat rich foreign football-crazed criminal has been employing a bunch of sociopathetic parasites to stomp on bloggers. Well, no, that would be dangerous. Some of us are armed.

And it's not the Chairman of Fulham ...

Actually, Alisher Usmanov, previously sniffing around Liverpool FC and now 23% shareholder in Arsenal, has been employing the London law firm of Schillings to stomp on bloggers' web-hosting providers. Okay, be fair to the scumbags various, 'provider': Fasthosts, enemies mine from long ago (UK web-host of choice for phishing and 419 scammers, if you must know) caved immediately. For details see here.

It is amazing that when faced with obviously criminal behaviour, Fasthosts will prevaricate unto the (possible) heat death of the universe but when they receive a lawyer's letter they scurry round in an appalling sycophantic manner and then manage to stupendously over-react (although, with my experience of their technical competence, this may just have been, "Now this looks like a pretty button, I wonder what happens if I press it.")

PS - and Google seem to have fixed their little language difficulty. Thanks.

Update - what this man says:

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