Monday, October 01, 2007

And upon my return ...

I find this sitting, waiting to be moderated:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Cumbernauld College Cnuts":

Independance is a diversion, it is NOT going to happen, or certainly not for very long, the SNP leadership are conning their voters.....
the EU will swallow them up as well..Welsh, Scottish 'independance are simply , distractions, (just like the Maddelaine case in the Media)divide and conquer policies...
How did Blair solve the Northern ireland troubles...he simply gave em both what they wanted....since within a few years it will not matter anyway, they will be eaten up by the EU...
Note how none of this has ever appeared in the Press or on the News.

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Posted by Anonymous to Surreptitious Evil at 11:20 AM

Slightly bemused, I re-read my post. I wasn't desperately polite about Tartan Nu-Lab, I thought Cumbernauld College should know something about Scots Law, and I was dismissive of the EU flag.

Now, I do realise that this is the blogosphere, so relevance (like spelling :) isn't of the greatest importance. But WTF? Anonymous, if you are reading this, what the hell were you on about? And it was 11:20 AM, so don't bother blaming the drink (if you're drunk then, and it isn't 1st Jan, it is you with the problem).

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