Friday, August 31, 2007

Cumbernauld College Cnuts

I didn't think that spending my lunchtime yesterday helping Mrs S-E with the messages would be quite so damaging to my piece of mind (Ed notes: Sorry about the pun. Originally a typo but left for, albeit limited, amusement value.) and equanimity.

Well, this bunch of nu-Lab led statists are in charge of this creep, who can't be bothered to run Cumbernauld College (am I being overly picky when I object to their website title being "Cumbernauld College, Glasgow, Scotland, UK"? Yes, it's got a Glasgow postcode but then Blair Atholl has a Perth postcode. Cumbernauld College is in sodding Cumbernauld, next to the Tesco Extra car park.)

Anyway ...

Cumbernauld College flies 3 flags. One is the saltire. Nothing much wrong with that. National flag of Scotland and all.

One is the Cumbernauld College logo. You might think nothing of this, especially if you are English, but it is actually illegal in Scotland. If you are going to fly any sort of logo, it needs to be registered with the Lord Lyon King of Arms and be in accordance with the rules of Scottish heraldry (which I doubt would permit 2 'C's or white on grey - the actual flag was grey on white IIRC). The cost of the registration is seen as a tax, hence you are defrauding Her Majesty's Revenue, with all of the draconian penalties modern democracies seem to feel appropriate for that most heinous offence.


These are the equivalent of personal banners for companies or other corporate bodies, trusts and local authorities which have been granted arms by the Lord Lyon. The flag shows the coat of arms filling its whole rectangular shape, as for personal banners. The extent of its usage depends upon the corporate body, whether it is only flown over the headquarters building or at all the corporate body's sites. Its use as a car flag is restricted to the head of the corporate body when acting as such. Its proportions are 5:4.

Then they had the EU bollix which, frankly, should only be flying in this country (and you can take that to mean Scotland, the UK or whatever) from EU buildings. Through sheer incompetence though, they got one thing 'right' - it was flying about 8 inches lower than the other two.

And no fucking Union Flag? It's not even an SNP led council. WTF?

Update: this appears to be the highest (27 Dec 2007) non-official return on a Google( search for "Cumbernauld College". Hah! Cnuts.

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