Friday, August 17, 2007

Cunt of the Day

Is an American, by name of Andrew Georgitsis, who
has led an expedition to the wrecks/war graves of HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales off Malaysia. Far from showing due respect to what is, after all, the tomb of several hundred sailors, his team penetrated into the area of the engine room and took pictures of human remains contained within:;idx=25

Incredibly, it appears this fcuking trumpet is offering the above print (among other images of the wreck) on fridge magnets, mouse pads, cards, etc. as can be seen from this link:

Given the public reaction, not to mention legal proceedings, that would result from a similar dive on, say, Royal Oak, or even better the Arizona, the insensitivity and pure cheek of this guy is quite dazzling. If you want, you can, um, politely email him your...feelings, as I just have.

With all of the political mongs, religious nutters and cretinous journalists who inhabit this blog, you'd think society would be pushed to come up with something that so utterly tops it. But no.

I am reminded of the probably apocryphal quote:
We have no more than fifty years experience in designing fool proof systems, nature has millions of years of producing fools.

H/T Cohaagen at ARSSE.

Update: This shit shows the same sort of "one rule for me, one for you" attitude that makes Jamal such a fascinating specimen:
This is nothing but a troll as you have been harassing me over the last few years, including 4 phone calls in the middle of the night wanting to debate this. So now you have found this forum and are trying further harass me, including the remarks about my personal photographs. Quite frankly I do not feel the need to answer your questions AGAIN, but will do so in hopes you will drop the phsyco babble.
Clearly, this is a subject we have different perspectives and opinions on. I understand it is a personal matter to you, but I should not be accused of anything other than documenting a wreck and the story of those who died on her.
Clearly the concept of "designated war grave" is clearly alien to the rights of the lesser-spotted American cretin.

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Fidothedog said...

Yeah got to agree on that one, wandering about a war grave and taking happy holiday snaps is the activity of a cunt.

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