Monday, August 20, 2007

Two morons for the price of one

Well, not exactly, but I wasn't allowed near the computer for much of yesterday so didn't manage to check my Blogs -> Cretins bookmark folder (isn't "Open All in Tabs" wonderful.)

So first up, 'cause he actually posted yesterday, is Jamal. It is nice to see one of our home grown jihadi supporters ("Let’s be clear about a few things; I HAVE recently returned from the Middle-East and I AM promoting Jihad") quite so critical of the Sudanese Islamist regime:
but imprisons and deports those who are fleeing holocausts, such as the Sudanese refugees.

Of course, being a "Radical Muslim", he did not actually criticise his fellows in the ummah who are committing the holocaust, he has to criticise Israel, a small and rather crowded state, for not having an open borders policy for refugees. Interestingly, given that:
The refugees deported on Sunday were arrested Friday evening as they tried to cross from Egypt into Israel, and were held for over 24 hours at an IDF base in southern Israel before bussed back to Egypt on Sunday.
He also fails to say anything about why these people want to live (despite not being Jewish) in the evil Zionist state rather than, say, in the modern(-ish) democratic (not very) Islamic state of Egypt? Could it be their previous experiences of the peaceful nature of Islamic rule? Or, just maybe, they have been reading about religious freedom and tolerance in Egypt?

Also, as clearly anything done by Israel must, by definition, be wrong, he fails to point out an interesting little fact from his source article:
This is the first instance in which Israel has returned African refugees to Egypt
Also, with a quick search on his site for Sudan - not a single word to indicate the religio-political nature of the government in Khartoum (the English version of which, if you try to force it, gives you "Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch /en/jnews.asp, line 93") - "dominated by members of Sudan's National Islamic Front, a fundamentalist political organization formed from the Muslim Brotherhood in 1986".

Moving swiftly to some trivia from today, we have Johann, back from little his day-trip to eco-warriordom (didn't see him in any of Manic's photos). And it is 10 years, apparently, since we (or London, at least) fell silent for "Our Lady of the Flowers".
It is a decade now since London - the loudest, most caffeine-drenched city on earth - fell silent, for a moment. I remember standing in the centre of Hyde Park on that Saturday afternoon in September, watching the funeral service for Diana Spencer with a few friends and a few million massed mourners. In the one-minute silence, nothing moved, apart from the rustle of the mile-long river of flowers piled up outside the Palace.
Has he started writing for the Daily Mail? What is "Diana week" and however pretty a woman and nice a person she was, why shouldn't we just leave her friends and family to mark this anniversary? In a couple of weeks, because it isn't quite yet. Diana died on the morning of the 31st August which, unless I am mistaken, is at least 3 of Johann's columns away. And her funeral was on the 6th September - another one or two. Somebody buy this prat a calendar.

Or maybe he has a new career in mind? Somebody might let Deborah know.

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