Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Iraqi Translator & Dan Hardie Podcast

The BBC interviews can be found here:

About 40% of the way through, after "Trucker Tom", with Mohammed, an Iraqi translator for the US Marine Corps first then Dan (starting a bit after half-way.) Just the main stuff, thanks to Justin & Unity. Very interesting to hear about how this has made the Iraqi newpapers.

Dan needs to learn the political difference between "you cannot dodge consequences" - yes, mate, they can (and will, if we let them) and, the utterly correct, "you should not be permitted to dodge consequences".

If you have time to listen to the original, you can also here a nice bit about the DIN and the sod-Simonry, mentioning the Headley Court campaign. And then, Tim.


PS. Simon says ...

PPS. Eventually learned how to post that as an embedded whatever rather than a link. Not easy.

Update: Now managed to post it without autostart thanks to here.

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