Friday, August 24, 2007

Johann Again

I apologise that this post is not going to be as pithy or amusing as I had thought because, not being a trendy socialist pseudo-journalist, I bothered to go and check my facts.

In the local supermarket buying lunch, I spotted the front page of today's Indy. I wasn't expecting to see a mention of the tedious one, having already checked his online-column monitor (blogs -> cretins -> Johann Hari) this morning.

However, manouvering past the queue at the fags'n'booze counter I (thought I) saw "Laugh? I nearly died. Johann Hari goes in search of Edinburgh's Funny Bone". Apart from disgust that he is up here polluting God's own country with his bilious exhalations, my immediate thought was that "Laugh? I nearly died", is a most appropriate response, for civilised people, to his cretinous outpourings.

However, I was wrong. As the front page clearly shows, the quote was "Laugh? I nearly did". Still appropriate but nowhere near as good. Please can I start a misquote rumour?

And, Simon, can you repatriate him as soon as possible, please.

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