Friday, August 03, 2007

Lunch time musing

Started considering the post-corporeal fate of the soul of Dr (PhD not MD) Kafeel Ahmed. This was engendered by the digression in the comments on this one of the good Archbishop's posts. Now there is clearly some discussion, of which I am most grateful not to be a part, within jihadi circles as to whether you actually need to kill an infidel to become Shaheed. This differs, of course, from the Crusades, where you merely needed to embark, and the "elect", where you merely need to have a set number of doors slammed in your face.

Now, there was also a very amusing cartoon (thanks Theo - that's us both utterly haram and on the short list for the next fatwa party, I suppose) that adds a little different piquancy to the venerable virgin / raisin discussion.

Any way. What if he were a Christian? As an unrepentant and unshriven attempted murderer, I would expect that he would be on a short sharp shock downwards. But what torments would await him? Remember the various proclamations regarding the health and safety inspired damping of the flames of Hell? That it was eternal banishment from the presence of God, rather than actual torture? I just wondered when Lucifer had been switched to British Gas as his energy supplier?

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