Thursday, August 02, 2007

Johann Hari - still wrong

In the name of Big Brother, ban the grammar schools:
The way to help the next generation of Chanelles and Brians to "be the best they can be" is to make sure they are educated in genuinely comprehensive schools - not the cruel, poverty-filled parodies of them they are offered too often today.
Nope, bollocks. All that will do is ruin the education prospects for those who go to decent state schools at the moment.

It is selection on ability, rather than parental wealth (those rich enough are entirely free to pay for it privately - another thing Johann is sure to want to ban). It is going back to a universal university grants system, so the intelligent poor & medium don't balk at a future mountain of student debt. It is going back to real subjects, real curricula and real exams, at school and university, not diversity and inclusion targets. It is building role models based on real achievement - in business, in academia, in service to the country, rather than just in sport. In short, it is all of the things than not even the Tories stand for any more.

Oh and, yes, exactly where in the schooling system does the fault for Chanelle's, admittedly ridiculous, aspiration
"to be exactly like Victoria Beckham", a tedious, talentless stick insect who brags she has never read a book.
lie? Outside it, I would suggest. Possibly with the endless media portrayal of the Beckham's as some sort of aristocracy of the mediocre?


PS - Two mentions of the Spice Girls in as many days? What is this blog coming to?

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