Thursday, October 25, 2007


Not as egregious as her but (a letter in today's Scotsman, regarding the Gould report - may appear here eventually - try here, bottom letter):

Everybody to blame but nobody accepting blame. I understand former prime minister Neil Kinnock was involved with the company supplying the electronic counting machines that had a part in contributing to the shambles. As the machines were not fit for purpose has the government been refunded for the contract?

Sheila Clark
Dean Park Crescent

Now before I ask our Greek friend to go and administer a little correction to reality, I have three questions for your good selves:

1. Given the list of people (leaders of the Labour and Conservative parties) who, post the election of Maggie, could have filled the role of Prime Minister (note the capitalisation), did Sheila pick the worst one to promote?

2. Why the hell did the Jockman print this without noting the error?

3. Do any of us think that a government contract would allow refunds for mere 'unfit for purpose'? For examples, the SA80, the Scottish Parliament building, almost any computer system but particularly the CSA ...

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