Thursday, May 08, 2008

And the bloody Torygraph

Who is Mary Riddell? What is a fan of the great clunking fist doing writing in Telegraph Comment? I mean:
When did decency become the mark of Cain on an honest politican?

is a reasonable enough question. But asked of our inglorious Prime Minister, the Great Ditherer himself? Hero of the War on the Low Paid?  Decent and honest? Damn fool of a cretinous and credulous hack. Get back to ghost writing for Terry, I say.

Ed notes: She's actually a columnist for those well known conservative and (classically) liberal journals, the Observer and the New Statesman.  And a professional quango-crat leach:
Outside journalism, she sits on a number of commissions and advisory boards for organisations advancing justice and liberty, including Smart Justice and Rethinking Crime and Punishment. She is also a patron of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England.

Get thee hence, foul witch!

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