Friday, May 09, 2008

What an utterly stupid woman

I don't normally post on the rantings of Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, 'blogger without comments', and "Mad Nad" to her many fans.  This is not because I agree with her but because Ben, Unity and John do a far better job of it (and can be bothered to go and look up the correct statistics).

She may be a wonderful constituency MP but, as far as pretending to govern the country is concerned, she is a one-trick pony.   She doesn't like abortion.  Of itself, not a dishonourable position to hold.  However, instead of campaigning for an outright or an 'except in these special circumstances' ban, she is mendaciously trying to force through salami slicing reductions in the maximum permissible foetal age for terminations.  

As well as her blog article linked above, she also appears in today's Torygraph*, reported as saying:

I think this report insults the intelligence of the public and MPs alike.  No improvement in neonatal care in 12 years?  Really?  So where has all the money pumped into neonatal services gone?  This report is the most desperate piece of tosh produced by the pro-choice lobby.

Referring, of course, to the University of Leicester report, lead by Prof David Field, into 12 years of premature births & survival rates in the Trent health region. 

I have a number of basic points to make:
  • Judging by recent history, I do not think it is possible to insult the intelligence of MPs.
  • You seem to believe in the managerialist politicians' delusion that throwing money at a problem must result in improvements.  It 'should' but, especially in the public sector, it rarely does.
  • You ignore, in your insistence that the only important group of neonates are those born before 24 weeks - those which further your cause, the 30% increase in the survival rate for babies born at 24 weeks - clearly a valuable improvement.  The fact that such an improvement was achieved without any statistically significant improvement for your preferred group, is actually quite telling.
Let's be honest here or, at least, I will be, because you seem to be constitutionally incapable of it.  With your utter pig-headed refusal to recognise facts, your mendacious twisting of scientific evidence and your clear inability to accept criticism, an invitation to join Gordo's Government of all the Talentless must be just around the corner.

* The Telegraph's search engine is crap - I actually initially couldn't find this online then got it as link 3 when googling David Field. The mind boggles.

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