Wednesday, March 28, 2007

By the Grace of Gordon

In the car with Mrs S-E at the weekend and the conversation got to the mendacious statist cunt that is likely to be our next Prime Minister. This is normally not desperately safe, as she is a far more reasonable person than I am.

However, we got to talking about his smile.

Not the honest smirk he shows when he has knifed Tony in the back again or ripped us off for another couple of billion, but the hideous grin he now puts on to try vainly to convince us that he isn't a member of the Trotskyite wing of the Presbyterian fun-police.

She had two things to say:
  • It's less believable than Michael Jackson's plastic surgery.
  • The only explanation for what it looks like is that Hazel did a Skinner test and had him wired to the mains by his testicles until he could perform on command.

If I keep encouraging her, she'll be on TerryWatch soon :)


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