Monday, March 12, 2007

Shock News: Scots Tories are smug useless gits

It may come as a bit of a shock to denizens of this benighted socialist worker's paradise of Caledonia but there are Tories amongst you. I am one (head above parapet) and there are others about. There is even, supposedly, one representing us at Westminster but nobody has seen him for years.

Actually, that is demeaning our august presence in the (cough) glory fucking expensive waste of your and my money that is the Scottish Parliament. There are 17 amongst the vermin infesting the Holyrood debacle who, according to their website:
work for their constituents and hold the Executive to account, arguing for change and reform to our public services and standing up for Scotland.
Bollocks. What a bunch of utter (and soapless) tit-wank. These people are the biggest waste of political energy since Arthur (and don't I thank Larry and Sergey for that link.)

We also have a couple of poltroons at Brussels, Strasbourg or whichever Michelin-starred restaurant is currently being patronised. They clearly are orbiting nowhere near Planet Cameron because they claim to:
fight to bring some powers back to Scotland and Britain, arguing for a new Europe of freely trading sovereign nations.
Then show some fucking spine for once in your pathetic lives and join up here. It's the only way it is going to happen. And once it's happened, you can go and get a real job.

(Interestingly, the index page on their website is explicitly titled "Untitled Document", which says a lot about Scottish representation at the Eurocratic Federation. I am not kidding - I thought they had just failed to set the title attribute, but look at this:
< !-- InstanceBeginEditable name="doctitle" -->
<>Untitled Document< / title>
< !-- InstanceEndEditable -->
I don't presume that you write your own web-sites - you are politicians therefore you clearly haven't got real world skills - so get more competent staff. Smug euro-federalist cunts.)

Well, back to the point. Despite having fewer voting members than that other well-known bunch of weasels in a sack, the Scots Tories have fallen out with each other. On the face of it, this one called the rest of them a bunch of useless tossers (why this was news, I don't know - hardly required lengthy investigation and profound insight. Politician writes divisive memo, subsequently leaked to press ain't news either.)

If we are ever going to get these cunts out, without letting either of these two members of the Presbyterian fun-police in, the Tories are going to have to do some fairly difficult but basic things.
  • Get some sensible policies backed by hard evidence and economic fact.
  • Convince the electoral sheep that the hard lessons of the 1980's were necessary, otherwise our economy would look like this (right down to the bit about fishing.)
  • If you can't get on, keep it to yourselves. Crap like this is a gift to the Nu-Lab spin-meisters.
Remember, it is about getting people out to vote for you so you can form the next government and undo the looming economic disaster that is the legacy of Bliar (not to neglect Prudence herself), not scoring petty points off each other. You utter bunch of useless twats.



Anonymous said...

'...the index page on their website is explicitly titled "Untitled Document"'

They are not alone. Try Googling for 'untitled document' - 33 million hits.

It's the default page title that Dreamweaver (the tool of the professional web designer) inserts in every new page. Still, it's got to be better than bidding people 'Welcome to Adobe GoLive' (a mere 1.2 million).

Surreptitious Evil said...

Takes wife's copy of "Dreamweaver in a Nutshell" off shelf and decides to trust you so puts it back. Got 34.2m hits, btw.

My point was that they need to hire a competent web designer. If Dreamweaver doesn't put in the W3C "Doctype" or the META "Generator" headers in automatically, I would be slightly surprised. These cretins clearly wouldn't have removed them.

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