Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A question about Iranian fanatics

Does anybody know why USA, Russia and the UK are various sizes of "Satan" in Iranian political bile? I thought that the name for the fallen Lucifer equivalent in Islamic theology was "Iblis". Or is this right and Iblis / Azazil and Satan / al-Shairan are different?

Nice to see that Allah (in what I assume was C41 BC) had the same idea as C18 Britain and sent his convicts to Australia, though. Hmm, I can see the similarity (apologies to sheilas and larrikins who live in the more hospitable parts of Down Under than the "never never" or Woop Woop.) Makes this even more amusing.


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Not Saussure said...

Can't remember where I read this (though it was quite recently) but it seems it's an idiomatic reference in Farsi to Satan as the father of lies. Consequently, calling America 'the great Satan' is apparently a literal translation of something that might better be rendered 'the great deceiver.'

Google reveals that Shaitan and Iblis are one and the same; clearly he uses a lot of aliases, as well he might. Sooner Dr Reid gives him an identity card, the better.

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