Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fuck off, Jowell

From Dizzy. This (and the original article here. The Gruniard. What a fucking surprise.)

Dear M(r)s Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, with the extremely dodgy ex-husband, can I please make this clear? This is not "your-space"; it is not the "British Government's space"; it is not, contrary to your suggestion, "ourspace"; it is not even, with apologies to Dizzy, "my space". This is blogger (or blogspot, or whatever) and it belongs to Google (both my bit and Dizzy's). As long as we don't breach their rules, we can do what ever the fuck we want to, you egregious statist control-freak (and, of course, if Google asks us to cease and desist, we can go elsewhere. The joy of the internet.)

I don't care if Tim O'fucking'Reilly made his abortive puritan attempt to force some sort of Vanilla middle-Americanism on the net (and Jimmy Wales is another control freak of almost Nu-Lab proportions.) He is a private citizen (if, in certain circles, one whose opinions are considered of some weight.) You are an elected servant of the British public. Fuck off out of our lives, our thoughts and our expressions. Go home and weep into your empty house and leave those of us with real lives to get on with them.

You disgust me but, unfortunately, do not surprise me in the slightest. Oh for politicians of reason, sense and honour.


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